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This true story of a Special Forces officer in Vietnam in the mid-sixties will acquaint you with the unique nature of Special Operations Forces and how covert operations are developed and often masked to permit — even sponsor — assassination, outright purposeful killing of innocents, illegal use of force and bizzare methods in combat operations.

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The Unconventional Warrior

A  R  C  H  I  V  E  S

The Unconventional Warrior
by LTC ‘Dangerous’ Dan Marvin

© 2002 Daniel Marvin

Part Four: Smoking Gun — The Pitzer File

August 30, 2002

A dynamite book is in the works that will, if taken seriously by citizens and elected officials alike, be an inspiration for those who possess the integrity, courage and will to demand a renewed investigation into the deaths of President John F. Kennedy, Jr., and those whose deaths were attributed to strange causes. Those same people were involved in one way or another in an attempt to foil our government’s cover up of the JFK assassination itself.

Explosive in its many revelations, it is tentatively titled, SMOKING GUN - The Conspiracy to Kill LCDR William Bruce Pitzer. Kent Heiner and I will co-author this work. I have found Kent to be a man of integrity anxious to portray the truth in such a way as to elicit a crusade-like fervor among his readers. He is unafraid, once personally satisfied it is fact, to point the finger of suspicion at those persons or entities that are guilty of wrongdoing or its cover up. There is no substitute for truth and justice and it is that fact that dictates what is written and referenced in the factual accounts filling this book of truth, telling the reader of murder, intrigue, intimidation and subterfuge. Those are the hard and fast elements that surround the October 1966 termination of a US Naval Officer. They also relate to the probable destruction of irreplaceable evidence that could, if available, contribute immeasurably to an eruption of truth by virtual reality to encompass, capture and judge those persons and forces that engineered, perpetrated and covered up the assassination of a President who was getting in the way of a blossoming hierarchy of an evil-permeated government.

It is my personal judgment, shared by members of the deceased’s family and a Navy associate in whom he had confided, that his having sole possession of irrefutable photographic evidence of the actual autopsy of JFK, evidence that would prove it to have been multiple bullet wounds that caused JFK’s death, thereby destroying the myth of a lone gunman our government had perpetuated, is what gained him a place on our government’s “hit list.”

Not wanting to take away from Heiner’s book, but wanting to provide the expectant reader an inkling of why the book SMOKING GUN should be on his or her “must read” list, I offer the following questions that attack government denial of a conspiracy and their mythical insistence on the suicide theory:

  • Why else, during the first week of August in 1965, would I have been asked by an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency to kill William Bruce Pitzer, telling me that he was a “traitor” about to sell State’s secrets to the enemy?
  • Why, if he were going to use a pistol he allegedly had in his possession to commit suicide, would he write and place a note in his office that read, “Remind me to return gun to Sec Off [security office]?”
  • Is it proper to conjecture that whoever killed Pitzer waited patiently until the 29th day of October in 1966 when Pitzer, close to retirement, would retrieve the highly sensitive evidence from its hiding place (perhaps in the false ceiling of his office?), murder Pitzer and retrieve (perhaps destroy?) that incriminating and indeed irreplaceable photographic evidence?
  • Why was the weapon that killed Pitzer assumed to have been in his possession when there was no proof that he had, in fact, ever signed for the weapon on that day? The FBI investigation states that “an undated notation that a .38 caliber revolver, serial number 311546 had been checked out for Lieutenant Commander William Bruce Pitzer. The signature under this notation was illegible,” (emphasis mine). I don’t know about others who read this who had experience in the military - but during my 21 years in Uncle Sam’s Army I never knew nor heard of a weapon, particularly a sidearm, being taken from an arms room (or security office) without the individual himself signing for that weapon on a specific dated entry.
  • Why are there two death certificates for one death?
  • Why did the FBI investigation tell of one being prepared by Deputy Medical Examiner John G. Ball of the State of Maryland, who, according to the FBI report, told the Navy’s Investigative Service that he (John G. Ball) had “observed muzzle marks around the wound and powder burns” when Pitzer’s autopsy findings showed no powder burns or muzzle marks?
  • Why was the US Navy’s Death Certificate on Pitzer dated 1 Feb 67 when he was killed on 29 Oct 66?
  • Why, when the 143 page documentation (including undated cover letter of three pages) of the FBI investigation into the death of William Bruce Pitzer provided by the FBI and received by me on 2 August 1997, included multiple examples of US Navy requests made to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover for examination of certain items forwarded by the US Navy to the FBI, specifically “A .38 caliber Smith & Wesson (S&W) revolver, military issue, serial #311546 found near body” as noted in the Naval Investigative Service Office Washington’s 1 November 1966 letter to J. Edgar Hoover (File # 20- BE/DEA/js Ser: 1956, is it a fact that the complete report contains no reference to the finding of or the lack of fingerprints or the lack thereof on this pistol? The answer to the aforementioned question is extremely important inasmuch as the investigative report tells of Pitzer committing suicide by a right-handed self-inflicted handgun wound in the head and yet Pitzer’s associate whom he had shared the fact and the essence of his secret possession of the autopsy photos, Dennis D. David, told me unequivocally, when I first spoke with him, that his friend William Bruce Pitzer was indeed left handed.
  • Why was the widow Pitzer refused a copy of her husband’s autopsy for 25 years after his death?
  • Why did “Several of the Captains and one of the Admirals” when they learned of Livingstone’s book High Treason 2 the widow Pitzer related to me on 31 Jan 96) tell her to “Stay out of it?”
  • Why did the Widow Pitzer seriously wonder, as she suggested to me on 5 Jan 95, “if more were said about this [her husband’s death] if [her] compensation might be stopped?”
  • Last, but not the least question to this date: Why has there not been a reinvestigation into the death of William Bruce Pitzer when so much evidence relevant to and supporting an assassination has been made public by this author and others, including a courageous, now retired, career Navy man, Dennis D. David. Dennis told me during a visit to Ithaca, New York, where I lived at the time (and he has gone public with what he recalled) that he had “personally seen the film, pictures and slides” of the JFK autopsy with “Bill” Pitzer in “Bill’s” office in the Audio Visual Department of the Navy’s Medical School at Bethesda, Maryland in 1963.

For all the details you’ll have to wait and read the book once it is published. Ken Heiner and I plan to turn this story of evil, subterfuge, cover-up and intrigue into an international best seller, believing it may be the only method wherein appropriate authorities will be forced by the people of this misguided nation to act judiciously and with the courage needed to get the job done.

Next week…

Part Five: Green Berets — The Nitty & Gritty

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