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ARVN Major Le Van Phoi and US Army Green Beret Captain “Dangerous Dan” Marvin, commander of South Vietnamese Irregulars in January 1966 at Special Forces CIDG Camp Dan-Nam, An-Phu, South Vietnam.

“I hope our emissary from the Hoa Hao people reaches General Dang in time to stop the slaughter.” Tears welled in his eyes. I’d never seen Major Le cry, but I knew he loved his men and that his real concern was that others would suffer, even die at the hands of the ARVN troops sent to destroy us.

Special Forces commander “Dangerous Dan” Marvin “won the hearts and minds” of the 64,000 Hao Hoas, a fiercely independent militant Buddhist sect that lived in An-Phu District. He was called “King of the Hoa Haos” by his superior officer and is the only American ever named an honorary Hoa Hao by their Central Council.

An-Phu juts out at the western edge of Vietnam into Cambodia. The Hao Hoas were organized into a Civilian Irregular Defense Group (CIDG) and were ready to strike back at an enemy that would kill and then melt back over the border into Cambodia. ‘Dangerous Dan’s’ TOP SECRET orders gave them their chance.

Thoroughly documented and told with colorful detail and over 170 photos, Expendable Elite takes the reader into the daily life of a Green Beret Special Forces commander while he gets caught between ‘official’ policy, covert actions and the very real and gruesome facts of war. This is also an account of two warriors doing their duty with honor, defending their friends and families from attack.