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LTC Marvin/TrineDay Legal Defense Fund

Dear Friends and believers in the right to publish the TRUTH:
We STILL Need You!!

We Are Two Against the Special Forces Association & friends.

Please donate now. We still have to pay our legal bill! 
($1000 every month or the law firms tack on interest, nice guys that they are. For you see our main attorney, after our victory over the "powers-that-be" was let go by his firm and our other attorney gets dunned by his firm if we do not pay at least a minimum of $1000 a month)

We Won!

But we still owe our attorneys approximately $15,000 for what they have done. The Special Forces Association wanted Marvin's book off the market and wanted to ruin Marvin & TrineDay financially so that they may no longer author or publish the truth about covert operations.

Please Help Us!! We are just regular folk, already stretched thin.

Lt. Col. "Dangerous Dan" Marvin and TrineDay, an Oregon publishing house, have defended themselves in a costly legal battle to exercise their first amendment rights that began in Federal District Court in Charleston, SC on October 31, 2005. On Wednesday, November 2, a mistrial was declared. The plaintiffs lead attorney bizarrely disappeared from the courthouse the day before and admitted himself to a local hospital. The trial was rescheduled for January 23, 2006. On trial was Col. Marvin and his book, Expendable Elite – One Soldier’s Journey Into Covert Warfare: a Vietnam wartime story of his experience commanding an independent Special Forces operation in 1966 in the district of An Phu among the Hoa Haos (Wha Hows), a militant Buddhist sect. The book was written in 1988 and published in 2003 by TrineDay. On January 30, 2006, after about just two hours of deliberation the jury found Lt.Col. Marvin and TrineDay innocent.

The Special Forces Association (SFA), a fraternal organization of active and retired operatives has tried to brashly influence these legal proceedings. The SFA has bankrolled the plaintiff's action, supplying lawyers, and apparently even advancing expense money to the plaintiffs. The SFA has a history of "steamrolling" other historical revelations. Any one who reads this book will know they laid down a smoke screen, hoping to convince the jury that what they say is true and that the book is a lie. But the book is true, based on personal recollections, government documents and third parties and by corroboration by certain of the plaintiffs themselves who now try to disavow the truth. The book was well researched by the publisher and of course sets forth the true accounts of Col. Marvin. This lawsuit is nothing more than an attempt to keep secret what the public should know. And the jury of eight citizens from South Carolina found that Marvin and TrineDay not guilty of libel. Most of us think, myself included, that if you win a civil lawsuit, the other side pays for your lawyers, well that is true in Great Britain, but NOT in the United States. So, we need your help to keep going forward. Please help, I know it is a daunting amount, but we can do it. Please help, please doante what you can, $5, $20, whatever, it does add up. Thank-you very much.

Thank-you. And may God bless you and yours.

Kris Millegan