Part Twenty-Two-C

Part Twenty-Two C

Written by 

The Unconventional Warrior

        by LTC Daniel Marvin, USASF (ret)
© 2003 Daniel Marvin

Part 22c

Challenge for the Media – Truth When it Hurts (cont.)

April 14, 2003

Should we safeguard our portable Atomic Weapons??

It is incomprehensible to me that no government agency or representative in the US Congress, responded when advised by this author of the serious nature of the possibility of our portable atomic demolition munitions falling into the hands of terrorists. The information I have provided was sufficient to demand, as a minimum, determination of my credibility as the source of such a critically important query. I assumed, once aware of the truth, that they would take appropriate action and get back to me. Such was not the case.

I ask the reader to go back to Part 6 (Blow the ASWAN High Dam) of this series and again gain an appreciation for the weapon I am discussing based on my personal involvement with it and why it poses a real danger in the hands of terrorists. Further, I remind you that the SADM was listed in JCS Pub 1, an unclassified publication, as a “very low yield, man-portable, atomic demolition munition which is detonated by a timer device.” Public recognition of Special Forces operational capabilities using this portable atomic device has been offered by former Green Beret Captain Robert Buskirk, the officer involved on the ground in Laos when our forces used poison gas to dispose of American defectors. 

On 22 March 2003 @ 2309 hours EST I sent an e-mail to Governor Tom Ridge in the US Department of Homeland Security under the category Security Threats.
 In that e-mail I wrote, “Dear Governor Ridge. Please refer to my letters to you dated 28 Oct 01 and 2 Nov 01 regarding the Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SADM) and the information on training I received in the way to destroy a suspension bridge. I have not heard a word from your office.” It is almost impossible to believe that, as of 10 April 2003, I have not received a reply from the Governor or his office.

Between 25 March 2003 and 31 March 2003, I sent by e-mail or referred to in letter or fax a copy of Parts 22a and 22b to the persons and/or offices noted below and I asked
that each acknowledge receipt of my communication and requested that they take action appropriate to their position or office and that they then notify me of that action or purposed inaction. None have bothered to so much as advise me of their receipt of my communication.

Persons and/or Offices that were provided Parts 22a & 22b under cover requesting action shown in previous paragraph (Listed Alphabetically):

BOEHLERT, Congressman Sherwood via fax # 202-225-1891
CLINTON, Senator Hillary Rodham via fax # 212-688-7444
FOX Broadcasting Company, attn: Brit Hume –  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO, attn: Diane Rehm –  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
NEW YORK TIMES, attn: Paul Krugman –  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
RIDGE, Governor Tom, US Department of Homeland Security, Washington, DC 20528
SCANLON, John, Dir. Office of Public Security, NY State -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
SYRACUSE HERALD AMERICAN, attn: Stan Linhorst, via fax # 315-470-3081
TIME Magazine, attn Christopher Porterfield via fax # 212-522-8949

Is it remotely possible that each and every one of the above is involved in a collaborative system of subterfuge to deny the American people the truth? Perhaps you, as a reader and as a loyal American are concerned that atomic weapons may be available to terrorists and do not understand why all of the aforementioned have thus far engaged in a campaign of silent subterfuge? Will you take the time to write your own Senator or Congressman and one or more of the above and demand an answer? Please do what you feel to be right as an American citizen and send a copy to this website. I am going to wait until the 12th of May to publish the continuation of this part, wanting to build a case for possible action of one sort or another against, in my judgment, either a criminally negligent representative of the people, a corrupted government office or news media whose editorial comment or investigative reporting on certain issues are dictated by those
within powerful agencies, departments or political hierarchy who engage in subterfuge and misinformation so as to maintain a world-wide need for American military infusion with its obvious monetary benefit to those within the military/industrial complex. For the life of me I cannot understand their reluctance to act properly in this very serious matter and I pray that the need for truth will result in proper action.

[Edited by Jeanne Calabretta]

Next, on 12 May 2003, Part 22d: Challenge for the Media – Truth When it Hurts and the whys and wherefores of silent subterfuge in the Department of Homeland Security, our Congress and the media.